What is picKLE?
picKLE is an image gallery system created in PHP. It generates thumbnails and resampled images on the fly and caches them. It is made to be extremely simple to install/configure.

What is the latest version?
picKLE 0.3

But there are a lot of gallery systems, why use picKLE?
It has a funny name dammit!

Why did you write picKLE?
I was bored and I have a butt load of digital pictures.

What is required to run picKLE?
a webserver (http://www.apache.org)
PHP (http://www.php.net)
ImageMagick (http://www.imagemagick.org)

Can I see a demo?
Sure - DEMO

How scalable is picKLE?
Not really sure. I have 1400 pics on my personal site and it runs great. I am thinking it can scale as big as you want it. Send me some stats and links and I will put up a list once a few send in their BIG stats.

I just looked at the demo. Why all the dumb pictures of pigs?
You'll be sorry you asked. It is something very scary the city of Cincinnati did that will forever give me nightmares. http://www.bigpiggig.com/

Where can I get this awesome program?
Right here!

If I send you suggestions will you cry like a lil baby?
Yes, I will cry. picKLE@insanenet.com

Are you some sort of pervert naming this program picKLE, does it have a hidden meaning?

This is all the info you are going to give me?
Yes. Download picKLE and check the INSTALL and other text files included in the package, I may have added some other stuff there. If not, oh well.

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